Hellooo ladies! As December is coming to a close, many people are vacationing in sunny places to escape the cold. Unless of course, you live in a sunny place. Although I am not vacationing anywhere as of now, I decided to make this post to try and forget about the cold, rainy weather outside of my window. These are some of my summer faves and necessities.        unnamed




First in my bag are two notebooks: my “Hello Beautiful Day” shopping notebook, and my Carpe Diem Journal. My shopping notebook is where I keep a log of things I’ve purchased, what I want to buy, and other little things. The carpe diem notebook is all about goals and achievements. So, say I’m at the beach and I have a goal to go night swimming, I can check it off as I go.

Then, I have my perfect little Kate Spade wallet in celeste blue. It’s the perfect little size for traveling, and a must have due to all of that holiday shopping.

THESE SUNNIES ARE MY FAVORITE!! They greatly resemble the Bernadette Kate Spade sunnies that are on my wishlist. I got these for Christmas and I ADOREEEEEEE them.

This little Lilly Pulitzer baggie was a free gift with one of my dresses from there, and it is PERFECT! There is a mini hair brush, bobby pins, tweezers, hair ties, nail file, and safety pins. It’s perfect to carry all the time, but especially during vacation when you don’t have a lot of time to change.

Last but certainly not least is my Cedar Street Maise Kate Spade bag in white which I bought myself in August. It’s the perfect summer bag, or frankly, year round bag.

I hope you all have a fantastic finish to your Christmas break, and I hope that if you’re on vacay, you have a marvelous time!